John Keith

Hi, I'm a developer that loves Ruby, Rails, Angular, and iOS.

Why Launch Academy in a Nutshell

As another part of our pre-work for Launch Academy, we’ve been asked to setup a blog. Luckily, I actually (miraculously) got this Octopress installation started back when I was applying to Launch. That said, I liked one of the writing prompts provided to us as part of this exercise – “Three Reasons I Felt Launch Academy Was the Best Fit for Me” – and I thought offering my three cents on why I’m heading to Launch could be informative for anyone else looking to apply to development bootcamps.

Student-centric approach to everything

Above all else, Launch Academy feels very student-centered. From the moment you start looking at their webpage to your first conversations with their experience engineers, the immediate impression you receive is that Launch is completely dedicated to their mission of transforming students from all walks of life into software engineers. Now, I’m sure many, many of the other bootcamps out there are equally fixated on this goal, but I felt that Launch Academy had the greatest commitment to their students of any of the programs I talked with.

Excellent, comprehensive curriculum

One of the parts of Launch Academy that I spent the most time dissecting before making my commitment to attend was the curriculum. I wanted to make sure that after Launch I would feel prepared to jump into the job market as a web developer. I can say from many conversations and emails with the Launch staff that I feel confident the program will provide the broad exposure and focus on fundamental skills to transform us into capable and confident web developers.

Post-graduation assistance

This may be part and parcel of Launch’s commitment to their students, but the career assistance that Launch offers to its graduates was another huge reason that I decided on them over other bootcamps. While many other programs talk about their tuition breaks for taking a job through a partner company, I believe Launch is much more focused on helping you find a job where you will both succeed and be happy, rather than one that benefits their partnerships.

And of course, Boston! Having come back from Korea almost three years ago, I’m ready for a new adventure and a radical change of scenery. While I will miss Columbia (weather-wise and otherwise), I cannot wait to come up to Boston in May.